It’s not a secret that social media can play a great role in your marketing success. There are literally billions of social media users globally! The challenge? Doing it right. The core value of social media is the fact that you can build a relationship with your audience. Selling comes later.

By using social media channels you can grasp the opportunity to actually have a conversation with your audience and deliver exactly the right message. When you upgrade your social media posts you increase the chance of reaching your potential customers and create more leads.

Here are five proven methods of upgrading your social media posts to make them more visible which will help you to reach your audience even better. Upgrade your social media posts for more engagement (and get more followers for your brand)

1. Stop telling, start showing

A photo or illustration receives more shares, likes and comments than just texts or links. On social networks, we are impatient. Even more than we normally are! People can’t be bothered to read, so use images to get that desired viral post. Be creative doing so, try to put yourself in the shoes of your audience; what would you like to see? Also, try to surround your photo by white (empty) space. This makes your design modern, fresh and readable and will increase engagement.

2. Reuse your popular content with infographics

We all have posts or sections on a page which receive a lot of visitors. Somehow you managed to achieve the magic recipe for good content with that page. Great! Now, reuse that content and milk the success. How? By putting the information from that popular blog in a highly attractive infographic. You can do this yourself with free online tools like canva, or outsource it to an online freelancer. You will be surprised at how cheap you can get great results these days!

3. Tag Bloggers & Influencers if you quote them

Did you use some awesome quotes from other experts in your blog posts? Be sure to tag them in your social media messages while linking to your content. You will create an opportunity for backlinks and you show your audience that you know the experts in the fitness field.  Plus the other influencers will appreciate the credit and may share some of your material in the future.

4. Use high-quality images

It’s nice to use a picture or photo. But it’s best if you use really outstanding quality footage. Never go for the cheap or corny route, because you will instantly devalue your brand. Also, if you just resort to a Google Image search and use that picture for your posts, chances are big that you violate an intellectual property right or two.

The key message: find legal photo’s which are looking great. The good news? There are resources where you can download free to use, high-quality stock footage. Sites like Pexels and Pixabay are frequented by many bloggers and social media managers.  And that is directly the disadvantage of free images; after a while you will recognize the limited stock footage which is out there. It’s really demotivating to see your competitor use the same photo as you did last week. Having said that: there is absolutely no problem in using these high-quality stock photos when you get started. But consider going for a paid source as your business grows. Upgrade your social media posts for more engagement (and get more followers for your brand)

5. Use video for the best engagement

A video is, of course, the ultimate social media booster. With unlimited bandwidth and 4G, there is absolutely no excuse anymore for mobile users to not watch a video. So go ahead, create a stunning and inspiring video for your social media followers. If you do this well chances are high that you go viral.

With those 5 tips, we hope to help you boost your social media channels. Please let us know if one or several of our bits of advice have helped you with achieving your digital marketing goals for your fitness brand.

Good luck!

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