How to stay motivated in your own business by Discovering Your Why.

At MyFitCoach, we spend our days helping others to build their fitness businesses and over the last few years, we have learned a lot about what traits are likely to make a business successful.  Over the next several weeks we will be sharing a series about what we have found to be most important in establishing your fitness business.  This week we discuss how to stay motivated.

This week’s topic: Discovering Your WhyHow To Stay Motivated In Your Own Business

It’s always amazing to watch an individual who is following their passion; they have laser-like focus and seemingly endless energy to pour into their project.  What is it that motivates someone to work so hard?  Why do they seem to have an endless supply of grit to get through tough days?

The secret to their motivation is that THEY KNOW THEIR WHY!

What does that mean?  It’s simple.  These people have decided what they want to achieve, but more importantly, they have discovered why they want to achieve it.

Everyone will have days when they feel like doing nothing.  Or they will come across barriers to moving forward.  But those who are motivated by their why will be able to push through these obstacles to keep working towards their goals.

It’s about Self Discovery and Self Awareness

In order to truly understand what motivates you, you may need to get a little uncomfortable; you may have to ask some deep questions of yourself.  It will be hard.  But you can do hard things, and in the end it will be worth it.

So how do you get started?

First, find a block of time this week where you can work uninterrupted for a few hours.  We know how hard this can be…but aren’t your dreams worth the investment of a few hours?  Can you give up a social outing? Or wake up earlier than normal on Saturday morning?

Got a time set up? Great!  Now find a location.  A lot of people find it easiest to complete this assignment outside of their normal environment in order to avoid distractions.  If you are usually at the gym or at home when you are working, pick a quiet coffee shop or a local library where you will not be pulled in multiple directions.

Bring a notebook with you so you can record your answers to these important questions:How To Stay Motivated In Your Own Business

  • If I had no limits or barriers, what would I dream of achieving?
  • What would I like to see changed in my life?
  • If my life were perfect, what would it look like?
  • How would I feel if I achieved my dreams?

We often start answering our questions with material items: a big house in an enviable neighborhood, a hefty paycheck or an unlimited designer wardrobe.  There is nothing wrong about those things.  But they are just at the surface; to really find your why we need to dig deeper than that.

Now look back at all your answers and visualize what it would be like to achieve those goals.

What is it that you are feeling and experiencing?

It’s the feelings that are your motivation.

Would having a big house feel like you have provided a safe haven for your family?

Does a larger paycheck represent financial freedom, the ability to decide how to live your life instead of being tied to a job that drains you?

Does a great wardrobe allow you to express yourself and feel confident?

Now keep digging. Keep asking yourself “why.”

Keep writing it down – don’t worry about complete sentences or neatness, just let it flow from that first set of questions.

Write it out!

You have already done a lot of writing, but my guess is that you have a few very messy pages with scribbles and statements and maybe even an arrow or two pointing you in a certain direction.

If you had to summarize the overall message of your answers, what would that message be?  What is the underlying idea that motivates you?  This is your why!  Write it down on a separate page – in fact, you should start writing this on a regular basis.  Put a note on your bathroom mirror.  Post a copy on your fridge.  Stick a post-it on your computer.

Whenever you see your statement, read it.  Out loud if it’s an appropriate time or place to do so.

Now what?

First, realize that your why is going to change over time.  Think of it as a living organism; it needs to grow and change in order to thrive in its environment.  It’s okay to revisit it once in a while.  In fact, it will be helpful to do this so you don’t lose momentum. How To Stay Motivated In Your Own Business

I know that digging deep was a lot of work, but that was just setting you up for the hard part.  Now, every time you have to make a decision, you need to hold it up against your goals.

Does doing X get me closer to my goals?

If not, don’t do it.

If it does, do it.

Sometimes this means missing out on fun activities because there is work to do.  Sometimes this means doing something incredibly boring on a Saturday night.

These are decisions that everyone need to make sometimes.  But now you have a secret weapon; you can rely on your why to keep you motivated.

Yes!  I am going to do X because I am going to achieve my goals because of my WHY.

Now that you know the steps to take, make sure you spend some time this week discovering your why.

Next week we will be talking about clearly defining your business.  It’s going to get serious, so make sure you have your why defined by then!

Leave us a comment about your experience asking yourself these hard questions.

Or ask us any questions you may have about discovering your why!

We look forward to connecting with you!

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