When it comes to losing weight you hear more food myths and superstitious beliefs based on outdated insights than in your average children’s fairytale book. We gathered five food myths concerning weight loss to show you the truth!

Food Myth 1: Fruit Juices help you lose weight Five Food Myths About Weight Loss

Although fruit juices contain many healthy vitamins and minerals, they are also loaded with sugar. A serving of fruit juice contains on average the same amount of sugar as a soft drink! It is not bad to occasionally drink a fruit juice, but do not consider this as a healthy drink.  The alternative? Make it a habit to regularly drink water or tea. Sugarless drinks are also fine, but watch out for artificial sweeteners…

Food Myth 2: Low-fat products are always the healthy choice

A few decades ago the food industry began to massively develop products that were low in fat. At the time it was thought that fat was the main cause of obesity. As a result, they came up with a low-fat version of almost every product: from dairy to soft drinks and from pizzas to cheese. The downside is that extra sugars are added to these products. It is now widely known that sugar is an even bigger culprit when it comes to weight problems. Yet there are many low-fat products that pretend to be healthy while they are full of sugar.

Food Myth 3: Eating more fruits and veggies will lead to weight loss

Eating healthy foods does not compensate for eating unhealthy food. If you still consume a lot of processed food loaded with sugar or empty calories you still will gain weight. The fruits and veggies need to replace the other food, instead of supplementing it.

Food myth 4: Potatoes and pasta make you fat

The fact that pasta and potatoes are fatteners is something you will hear all the time. Especially when you discuss food which you shouldn’t eat when you’re on a diet. But it is a very persistent myth: potatoes and pasta are not bad themselves. It depends what you do with them and how much of it you eat. It is recommended to eat whole grain products if you opt for pasta, rice or bread. For potatoes the method of preparation is more important: if you use a lot of cream or oil, of course, it won’t be healthy or help you with weight loss.

Food Myth 5: Very spicy food helps with reducing weight

Five Food Myths About Weight LossAlthough it’s true that hot sauce can boost metabolism in some circumstances, there’s new research to suggest that mild peppers may have the same calorie-burning potential. Study findings suggest the compound dihydrocapsiate (DCT), the non-spicy relative of capsaicin, has the same effect. Good news if you are not a big fan of super spicy food!

These are just five of many weight loss stories concerning foods. What is your favorite weight loss myth?

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