Hello Coaches and Trainers

We haven’t been very active on social media lately, and we have been missing you all!  But we have a really good reason for our absence!  For the last several months we have been hard at work redesigning our business to serve coaches and trainers by helping them to develop their businesses.

MyFitCoach has now evolved into a marketing and technology company designed specifically to meet the needs of fitness professionals, and we are so excited about this new adventure.

When we initially decided to launch MyFitCoach two year ago, we had already been working in the fitness industry for more than 13 years.  At that time our focus was on sharing our new app with other fitness professionals.  The app allows coaches to send personalized workout and nutrition plans right to their clients’ smartphones.

This allowed them to stay connected with their current clients and it opened up the opportunity to work with clients outside of their geographical area.  The coaches that we work with love the app and are using it regularly.  But in the process of sharing the app with others, we met a handful of fitness professionals who needed more than an app; they needed guidance and support for their businesses.  These coaches were really great at personal training, but they were struggling to market themselves.

Seeing these fitness coaches struggle really impacted us because there was a time when we were there too: struggling to reach more people with our passion and knowledge for improved health and wellness. We understand what it is like to work crazy hours at the gym and then go home and try to educate ourselves about developing a brand and effective advertising techniques.  And then figuring out ways to implement the new skills we were learning.  It was an exhausting stage, and to be honest, it probably took a lot more time and effort than necessary because we were doing it without the help of professionals.

It was difficult for us to watch as these talented coaches weren’t succeeding in the fitness industry simply because they didn’t have the tools to build their businesses.  Especially because after many years of trial and error, we built the skill set that they needed and were connected to the right professionals to efficiently grow their business.  So we decided to do something about it and changed the direction of MyFitCoach to focus on providing coaches and trainers with the guidance and tools they need to succeed.

While the MyFitCoach app is a great tool, it alone is not enough.

We know that a well-marketed company (in this case a fitness professional) needs many tools:
  • A well written business plan with future goals and plans to achieve them
  • A branding strategy that pulls the same look and feel and colors throughout all marketing and media outlets
  • A great logo that embodies the coach’s mission and vision
  • An intentionally designed website that provides engaging content to keeps clients connected
  • Resources for clients to help them with their fitness goals
  • Print materials such as business cards and flyers
  • A team of qualified professionals to contribute to the growth of their business

Over the past several months we have invested our time and efforts into building up some amazing coaches through the development of a business plan, marketing strategies and online tools.  As we worked closely with each coach to grow their business we have seen great results.

Many of the businesses that we represent have:

  • Seen an increase in clients while saving the time they were spending doing research (so now they have time to work with those new clients)
  • Provided more tools to their clients including the app and membership websites that allow clients to access videos, documents and information online
  • Developed a strong brand that allows them to be easily recognized
  • Built email lists to stay connected to their clients
  • Increased the effectiveness of their social media content
  • Established a team of passionate professionals to help them reach their business goals

We know that as a fitness professional it is hard to grow your brand without the proper resources and we realize that you only have so much time in your day.  That is why we built a team of marketing, communication, design and fitness professionals to support you while you support your clients.

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles that will show you simple ways to grow your business through improved social media content, creation of valuable resources for your clients and consistent branding.

We hope that you will forgive our recent absence because we were busy developing a company that is in existence for the sole purpose of helping you to grow your business (which is what we love to do).

We are here to help you KEEP PURSUING YOUR GREATNESS!

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