Define your gym & fitness services before marketing.

At MyFitCoach, we spend our days helping others to build their fitness businesses and over the last few years, we have learned a lot about what traits are likely to make your business successful.  Over the next several weeks we will be sharing a series about what we have found to be most important in establishing your fitness business.  This week we will discuss how to define your gym & fitness services.

This Week’s Topic: Defining Your Services

In our last article we talked about the importance of discovering your why.  I hope that you spent some time really digging deep and that you found it helpful.  If you haven’t quite defined your why, take a look at our last post:  It’s important to set a strong foundation for your business and your why is going to be your motivation when things get tough.  If you haven’t made time for yourself yet, set a date and commit to following through – remember, your dreams are worth the investment.  If you are all set with your why let’s start clearly defining your service.

It seems pretty obvious that you should know the service that you are offering, but you would be surprised at the number of professionals that can’t clearly describe what they do.

In order to create a marketing plan for your fitness business, you will need to create statements that define what industry you are working in, what customers you are serving and how you are serving them.

Let’s use MyFitCoach as an example: MyFitCoach is a marketing and technology company that serves fitness coaches and trainers by providing strategic marketing plans, website development, and tools to help coaches create and communicate their brand to establish their business.

See that!  Our statement clearly answers those questions.

 What industry we work in:

Marketing and technology (we like to multitask)How To Define Your Gym & Fitness Services

Who are clients are:

Fitness coaches and trainers

How we serve our clients:

Providing strategic marketing plans, website development, and tools to help coaches create and communicate their brand to establish their business.

Now that seems pretty simple, but this statement took some time to develop.  In fact we had to take some time to redefine our services because we were trying to provide too many different types of service to too many different types of clients.  Which leads us to our first tip on creating a definition of your services…How To Define Your Gym & Fitness Services

Narrow your Scope!

As a fitness professional you probably want to help as many people as possible.  But that is a sure-fire way to burn yourself out and you will end up being less helpful to your clients.  You may already know how you would narrow your services because it lines up with your why.  Or you may have a really broad definition of what you do, for example: I am a personal trainer.  Let’s narrow that a bit:

I am a physique competition coach who creates online training and nutrition programs for novice competitors.


I am a bootcamp instructor who helps women lose weight through HIT programming at my fitness facility.


I am a sports performance coach who works with high school athletes looking to improve at their sport to work towards college scholarships.

See how that is much more specific?  You will be able to serve your clients better if you focus on the skill set and passion that you already have instead of trying to help everyone reach any goal.  Which brings us to the next topic: narrowing your audience.

It sounds counter-intuitive to want fewer clients, but it’s not that you want less – it’s that you want to provide high quality of services to the right type of client.  In our next article we will be talking more about defining your target audience which will help with this, but the major takeaway here is that you will be able to create a brand and marketing strategy that works when you know who you are trying to reach.

The last thing that you need to clearly define for your service is how you will be delivering your services.

Most coaches limit themselves to providing training services at their local gym, but there are other options.  With today’s technology you can provide training services online or using an app in addition to in person sessions.
Will your services continue to be at the gym only?  Or online?  Or a combination?  Do you want to train in the gym but use an online tool for nutrition?  Do you want to provide weekly accountability check-ins via Skype?  The possibilities are endless.

How do you see your business growing?  How will you be delivering your services?

Last week we asked you to do a little homework.  And we are going to do the same today.  Set aside some time this week to go through these questions.  Be sure that you can clearly define your service, who your customer is and how you will be providing them with service.  Again, write it down!

Once you have it created, leave us a comment – we would love to hear what you are working on!

Next week we will get into the specifics of defining your target audience and how your marketing strategy will work to reach them.

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