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Digital marketing; attracting new customers and leads to your website, is a very important discipline in today’s competitive market. Writing a blog for your business is a way of executing content marketing, which is one of many digital marketing methods. Many entrepreneurs resolve to Adwords campaigns. These Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing methods can be very effective but are also very costly. Whereas great content is a one-time investment of which you can reap the benefits for many years!

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of writing a fitness blog as part of your content marketing strategy.The Benefits of Content Marketing with a Fitness Blog

The core of content marketing: online visibility

When people search for information on the internet they use search engines like Google. Optimizing your content and web pages in a way that search engines will rank the page high is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By writing fitness blogs, you post content on your webpage that is relevant to your niche. Therefore, you increase the possibility to have your pages ranked higher in the search result pages (SERP) when people search for fitness related words. This increases your online visibility.

Content creates lead generation

Another great advantage of content marketing, such as blog writing, is that it’s an effective lead magnet. When visitors read your blog, it means they are interested in the topic. If you include an attractive call-to-action to your blog page, you create a way to engage these readers and let them connect with you. Let them subscribe to your newsletter for instance. Or provide a free e-book with great fitness tips for beginners.  You can then use the contact details to reach out to your leads with targeted information and promotions.

The Benefits of Content Marketing with a Fitness BlogEngage your leads and customers with blogs

Offering value helps you to build relationships with potential and current customers. Creating killer content in the form of blogs plays an important role in this process. By posting frequently interesting and relevant content you show the world that you have something meaningful to say and that you know what you are talking about! You claim to be a fitness expert? Practice what you preach, by sharing your knowledge and advice in great blog posts!

The ultimate goal: conversion

It will take some time before content marketing will show measurable results, so you have to be patient. However, by implementing the right content strategy, you will see results in your conversion rates over time. This might not happen in the first weeks of posting blogs, but in the longer term blog posts will lead to more and relevant traffic to your website. And the more organic traffic you get, the higher the chance of conversion. After all, people who reach your blog via an organic search query have found something they were actively looking for.

The benefits of a fitness blog

Writing blogs is mainly interesting because the investment is way more durable than more traditional marketing efforts like ads or PPC campaigns. Next to that, content stays online forever (or at least as long as you pay your hosting fees) and will keep its value as long as it is attractive, findable and relevant.

So sit down, write a killer blog about your fitness knowledge and start sharing it with the world. You might get some great new clients out of it!

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