Five Food Myths About Weight Loss

Five Food Myths About Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight you hear more food myths and superstitious beliefs based on outdated insights than in your average children’s fairytale book. We gathered five food myths concerning weight loss to show you the truth!

Food Myth 1: Fruit Juices help you lose weight Five Food Myths About Weight Loss

Although fruit juices contain many healthy vitamins and minerals, they are also loaded with sugar. A serving of fruit juice contains on average the same amount of sugar as a soft drink! It is not bad to occasionally drink a fruit juice, but do not consider this as a healthy drink.  The alternative? Make it a habit to regularly drink water or tea. Sugarless drinks are also fine, but watch out for artificial sweeteners…

Food Myth 2: Low-fat products are always the healthy choice

A few decades ago the food industry began to massively develop products that were low in fat. At the time it was thought that fat was the main cause of obesity. As a result, they came up with a low-fat version of almost every product: from dairy to soft drinks and from pizzas to cheese. The downside is that extra sugars are added to these products. It is now widely known that sugar is an even bigger culprit when it comes to weight problems. Yet there are many low-fat products that pretend to be healthy while they are full of sugar.

Food Myth 3: Eating more fruits and veggies will lead to weight loss

Eating healthy foods does not compensate for eating unhealthy food. If you still consume a lot of processed food loaded with sugar or empty calories you still will gain weight. The fruits and veggies need to replace the other food, instead of supplementing it.

Food myth 4: Potatoes and pasta make you fat

The fact that pasta and potatoes are fatteners is something you will hear all the time. Especially when you discuss food which you shouldn’t eat when you’re on a diet. But it is a very persistent myth: potatoes and pasta are not bad themselves. It depends what you do with them and how much of it you eat. It is recommended to eat whole grain products if you opt for pasta, rice or bread. For potatoes the method of preparation is more important: if you use a lot of cream or oil, of course, it won’t be healthy or help you with weight loss.

Food Myth 5: Very spicy food helps with reducing weight

Five Food Myths About Weight LossAlthough it’s true that hot sauce can boost metabolism in some circumstances, there’s new research to suggest that mild peppers may have the same calorie-burning potential. Study findings suggest the compound dihydrocapsiate (DCT), the non-spicy relative of capsaicin, has the same effect. Good news if you are not a big fan of super spicy food!

These are just five of many weight loss stories concerning foods. What is your favorite weight loss myth?

The Benefits of Working Out at Home

The Benefits of Working Out at Home

We all know that exercise is good for you. Most people want to workout several times per week to get a healthy body and mind. Hitting the gym is a very effective way to do so. But with a busy life, running between work, social activities and gatherings with friends or family there seems to be no time left to make this happen. The solution? Working out at home.

We give you three great benefits of working out at home.

You save money The Benefits of Working Out at Home

Saving cash is always a nice incentive for any activity. Exchange the monthly fee for your gym membership (which you hardly used anyway) for a one-time investment in some workout equipment and you are set. You don’t need anything fancy.  A few dumbbells or kettlebells and resistance bands can give you a great workout.  You can often get used equipment at yard sales or on a local classified website like craigslist.

You save time

We already mentioned it in the introduction, but working out at home saves so.much.time. Just think about it: driving from work to the gym, finding a parking spot, finding an available locker, changing in your sports outfit, and all that before the actual workout begins! If you are lucky enough you can make your round along the machines. But in reality, you have to wait your turn until the equipment is available. So you can’t even do your exercises in your preferred order and speed. After spending a good amount of time working out, you have to decide: will I take a shower in the busy and smelly locker room or do I drive home sweaty and shower in the house? By the time you are home, showered, had dinner and have cleaned up, your evening is as good as gone.

Imagine now driving straight home out of work, change in some comfy clothes and starting with your workout immediately. By the time you are done (in exactly the rhythm and pace which is good for you) your alter ego in the gym just finished his warming up.  You can even get dinner started while you are cleaning up so your evening gets moving.

The Benefits of Working Out at Home

No social distractions

A gym is not just a place to do sports. It’s first and foremost a place for social interaction. Whether you like it or not. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to make small talk when you are working out in your house, you also won’t be bothered by unwanted onlookers. A gym can have a weird effect on your ego, and that might result in some unhealthy exercise decisions. It might look cool to add that extra weight, but if you get injured because you take on too much nobody is going to think you’re doing so great. In the comfort of your own home, you won’t feel the peer pressure of having to perform more than you are able to.

These are just three good reasons why working out at home is such a good idea. Of course, there are many more. Can you think of any? Let us know in the comments!

Can Running an Online Challenge Benefit Your Fitness Business?

Can Running an Online Challenge Benefit Your Fitness Business?

Online fitness challenges have seen a surge in popularity in 2017. We expect that this will only increase in 2018. After the holiday season, with spring and summer slowly but steadily coming closer, people traditionally become more conscious about their health and physical appearance.  No wonder so many gym memberships are sold during this period. These first months of the year offer a great window of opportunity to market any health and wellness services. Hosting an online challenge is a great way to grow your health and wellness brand!

Can Running an Online Challenge Benefit Your Fitness Business
Reach Your Audience with an Online Challenge

There is a huge amount of different fitness and sports challenges which you can offer. Many online challenges focus on a specific subject or area of the body. For instance, with the 28 day Ab Challenge, your workouts will focus on core movements. The main goal is to really see a result at the end of a challenge. In fact, that is a key factor for success; an online challenge is very much result oriented in a short amount of time. This model works well with the main audience on social media, who are not specifically known for being patient.

Why Online Challenges are Appealing to your Target Audience

By organizing an online fitness challenge you give your target audience exactly what they are looking for: something to focus on right here and now. Endeavors that will take more than a year to show results are not so attractive for most people in this demographic. Most online fitness challenges are designed in such a way that the participant only commits a short amount of time each day. A 28-day shred, for instance, makes you do a short workout of 20 minutes each day. Those exercises are able to be performed in the house and are often easily integrated into a normal daytime routine. This is enticing to many people since it can be difficult to make time to go to a gym when dealing with a busy schedule. A challenge like this fits much better with the way how they organize their days.

Make an Online Fitness Challenge Work for You

Online fitness challenges come in many forms, but overall the most popular and effective ones have an affordable fee. Compared to a membership at a gym and hiring a personal trainer, this fee is of course way more affordable and attractive for clients. Paying a fee to join a challenge creates a sense of obligation for the clients…they are more likely to commit and engage if they are financially invested as compared to signing up for a free challenge. For you as a trainer, launching an online fitness challenge can provide an increase in your income; you can ‘train’ many more clients in a month via an online challenge than in real life. If your program has a fee of $50 and you get 200 customers to sign up, you will bring in $10.000! Not bad for a month’s work.

Can Running an Online Challenge Benefit Your Fitness BusinessIn addition to the income, you will also be building your mailing list with the names and emails of the clients who are participating in the challenge. This will allow you to reach them in the future with other services or products that they may be interested in. And, because you know their interests, you will be able to target your communication very specifically to their needs.

Online fitness challenges also serve as a great way to get free promotion for your brand. Dedicated participants to an online challenge want to share their efforts and results with their followers. There is a good chance that photos of the challenge end up on Facebook and Instagram. With the name of the challenge added as a hashtag. A perfect marketing opportunity!

An online fitness challenge doesn’t have to cost much to organize, creates a great buzz around your brand and helps your customers to reach their goals…it’s a win-win-win! This is the best time of the year to launch a challenge. Contact us today.  We can help you set up your own branded online fitness challenge!

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