Building your Business Connections to Grow Your Business

As a fitness professional, you are already aware of the need to market yourself to potential clients, but those aren’t the only relationships you should be building.  Building your business also means building business connections. Creating a team of professionals that you work with will create more credibility and will help you provide your clients with the best results.

Who should you build relationships with?

1. Nutritionists and Dietitians

You may have a good idea on how to help most of your clients with their nutritional needs, but there will likely be many who need more than you are able to provide.  For example, you may have patients with specific medical needs or food restrictions that you aren’t comfortable working around. Or perhaps you have a client who is looking to prepare for a competition and you don’t have the experience to help them reach their goals.

Knowing a few solid nutrition professionals that you can refer to will be a huge benefit to your clients.  Make sure you know who you are referring to; it’s important to meet with a few nutritionists or dietitians and ask some questions about how they can help your clients, ask about cost, location, if they accept insurance, how to best refer clients, etc. Building your Business Connections to Grow Your Business

2. Chiropractors

Most fitness professionals recommend that their clients see chiropractors for both maintenance and for injuries.  But instead of just recommending a chiropractor, have a list of trusted chiropractors that you can suggest. Your clients trust you and many people are hesitant to see chiropractors so you having a specific referral will make them more likely to follow through.

Again, be sure to know who you are referring to by doing your research.

3. Massage Therapists

Good massage therapists are not easy to come by.  And massage therapists who can provide real, deep-tissue or soft tissue work that will help your clients on their fitness journey are even harder to come by.  Most clients don’t know the difference between getting a massage to relax at a spa and getting a massage to improve their athletic performance. You can show them the difference, and they will thank you for it when they see the benefits in their workouts.

In order to find a  few good referrals, you may have to try a few massages yourself, but it’s worth the sacrifice.  In this case, it would be wise to have a few male and female massage therapists since some clients may be more comfortable with a certain gender.

4. Other Personal Trainers

What?!  You should have a list of other personal trainers to refer to?  Absolutely! Here is why: you can’t possibly be the right fitness professional for every client and when that is the case it’s a great plan to have someone who can help them.  When that happens you build trust and rapport with your clients and that will go a long way in the community. Plus you can create reciprocal relationships with other coaches and trainers.  If you specialize in weight loss and you have a client who is looking to start powerlifting you can refer to your colleague who specializes in powerlifting. In return that coach may redirect his weight loss clients to you.

Not only does this help you and the other coach create lists of ideal clients, but it also creates a great fitness environment within gyms and within the community.

Building your Business Connections to Grow Your BusinessWhy build these business relationships?

  • It will help your clients if they have access to a team of professionals that are working together to help them reach their fitness goals.
  • Building these relationships will create the opportunity for reciprocal referrals from these professionals.
  • You will build credibility with your clients as a professional who knows the industry in entirety.
  • You will be creating positive connections in the fitness community and who doesn’t love positive relationships?
  • Creating a team environment in the health and wellness industry is a lot more fun than doing everything yourself.

So, if you don’t already have business connections with the other professionals in the health and wellness industry, get started by making a few phone calls.

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