With social media, you can achieve many goals. If it’s content marketing, social selling or supporting your clients by answering their questions, social media is the ideal and accessible way to reach out to your target audience and grow your fitness and lifestyle brand.

The challenge with social media marketing is to keep consistency across the different channels you use. Especially with so much competition out there, it can be tricky to be unique but also recognizable on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The best method for creating consistency across the different social media channels is to brand your posts. That way people will instantly recognize where the post is coming from, whether they see it on Instagram or read it on Twitter.

We have listed 5 tips to help you out with branding your social media posts:

1. Create a Social Media Style Guide

This tip can be seen as an overarching must-have for the other tips to follow. This style guide is your go-to source in which you describe how your brand presents and interacts on social media. In this style guide, you describe the brand colors, the tone & voice, the way the logo can be used and other visual guidelines. Needless to say, even if it’s called a guide, treat it as an ever-evolving and changing document. It’s social media after all, and everything changes rapidly on it! The following 4 tips are topics which should be covered in your style guide:5 Tips to Brand Your Social Media for Your Health and Wellness Business (and gain more followers in doing so)

2. Choose your color palette

At first thought, a color scheme might be not such big a deal on social media. But think again; it might be key if you want to achieve cohesiveness of your brand’s presence on social media. Consider your company colors and the style of your logo. Now select your main colors and use it consistently in the images that you post.

3. Choose your filters wisely

This one is especially important for your photo posts. Instagram alone offers around 24 filters. Which one do you choose? Well, it doesn’t really matter which filter is selected. It’s entirely up to your own taste. What is important to do, however; pick one or two filters and stick with them for all your posts. This helps to create a smooth and eye-catching view of your photos that people will associate with your brand.

4. Keep power over your logo

Your content is online recognizable mainly due to the smart usage of your logo. What is smart usage? Being consistent and strategic when and where you place it. In your style guide, you have to be very clear how this is done. Define how you want to use your logo on photos and videos by answering these questions:

  • What are the dimensional parameters for the placement of a logo?5 Tips to Brand Your Social Media for Your Health and Wellness Business (and gain more followers in doing so)
  • Are there several versions of your logo available? Which ones should be used in videos and/or photos?
  • What size should the logo have when it’s placed in photos and videos?
  • How close to the edges of the photo or video should the logo be?

5. Be fond of your fonts

Fonts have a major role in brand recognition. It’s important to use the same font throughout different social media channels. Of course, you can’t select which font is used on Facebook or Instagram itself, but you can choose which font you use on your photos and videos. Once you have your font selected, make sure you are very clear in your style guide how it should be applied. Which size should it have, how big are headings and which colors are used are just a few of the important parameters that should be considered.

Branding your social media posts: easy and fun

Once you have set-up your social media style guide, it’s a matter of implementing it. This part is actually not so hard. You have defined all the tough decisions beforehand after al

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