Upgrade your social media posts for more engagement (and get more followers for your brand)

Upgrade your social media posts for more engagement (and get more followers for your brand)

It’s not a secret that social media can play a great role in your marketing success. There are literally billions of social media users globally! The challenge? Doing it right. The core value of social media is the fact that you can build a relationship with your audience. Selling comes later.

By using social media channels you can grasp the opportunity to actually have a conversation with your audience and deliver exactly the right message. When you upgrade your social media posts you increase the chance of reaching your potential customers and create more leads.

Here are five proven methods of upgrading your social media posts to make them more visible which will help you to reach your audience even better. Upgrade your social media posts for more engagement (and get more followers for your brand)

1. Stop telling, start showing

A photo or illustration receives more shares, likes and comments than just texts or links. On social networks, we are impatient. Even more than we normally are! People can’t be bothered to read, so use images to get that desired viral post. Be creative doing so, try to put yourself in the shoes of your audience; what would you like to see? Also, try to surround your photo by white (empty) space. This makes your design modern, fresh and readable and will increase engagement.

2. Reuse your popular content with infographics

We all have posts or sections on a page which receive a lot of visitors. Somehow you managed to achieve the magic recipe for good content with that page. Great! Now, reuse that content and milk the success. How? By putting the information from that popular blog in a highly attractive infographic. You can do this yourself with free online tools like canva, or outsource it to an online freelancer. You will be surprised at how cheap you can get great results these days!

3. Tag Bloggers & Influencers if you quote them

Did you use some awesome quotes from other experts in your blog posts? Be sure to tag them in your social media messages while linking to your content. You will create an opportunity for backlinks and you show your audience that you know the experts in the fitness field.  Plus the other influencers will appreciate the credit and may share some of your material in the future.

4. Use high-quality images

It’s nice to use a picture or photo. But it’s best if you use really outstanding quality footage. Never go for the cheap or corny route, because you will instantly devalue your brand. Also, if you just resort to a Google Image search and use that picture for your posts, chances are big that you violate an intellectual property right or two.

The key message: find legal photo’s which are looking great. The good news? There are resources where you can download free to use, high-quality stock footage. Sites like Pexels and Pixabay are frequented by many bloggers and social media managers.  And that is directly the disadvantage of free images; after a while you will recognize the limited stock footage which is out there. It’s really demotivating to see your competitor use the same photo as you did last week. Having said that: there is absolutely no problem in using these high-quality stock photos when you get started. But consider going for a paid source as your business grows. Upgrade your social media posts for more engagement (and get more followers for your brand)

5. Use video for the best engagement

A video is, of course, the ultimate social media booster. With unlimited bandwidth and 4G, there is absolutely no excuse anymore for mobile users to not watch a video. So go ahead, create a stunning and inspiring video for your social media followers. If you do this well chances are high that you go viral.

With those 5 tips, we hope to help you boost your social media channels. Please let us know if one or several of our bits of advice have helped you with achieving your digital marketing goals for your fitness brand.

Good luck!

5 Tips to Brand Your Social Media for Your Health and Wellness Business (and gain more followers in doing so)

5 Tips to Brand Your Social Media for Your Health and Wellness Business (and gain more followers in doing so)

With social media, you can achieve many goals. If it’s content marketing, social selling or supporting your clients by answering their questions, social media is the ideal and accessible way to reach out to your target audience and grow your fitness and lifestyle brand.

The challenge with social media marketing is to keep consistency across the different channels you use. Especially with so much competition out there, it can be tricky to be unique but also recognizable on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The best method for creating consistency across the different social media channels is to brand your posts. That way people will instantly recognize where the post is coming from, whether they see it on Instagram or read it on Twitter.

We have listed 5 tips to help you out with branding your social media posts:

1. Create a Social Media Style Guide

This tip can be seen as an overarching must-have for the other tips to follow. This style guide is your go-to source in which you describe how your brand presents and interacts on social media. In this style guide, you describe the brand colors, the tone & voice, the way the logo can be used and other visual guidelines. Needless to say, even if it’s called a guide, treat it as an ever-evolving and changing document. It’s social media after all, and everything changes rapidly on it! The following 4 tips are topics which should be covered in your style guide:5 Tips to Brand Your Social Media for Your Health and Wellness Business (and gain more followers in doing so)

2. Choose your color palette

At first thought, a color scheme might be not such big a deal on social media. But think again; it might be key if you want to achieve cohesiveness of your brand’s presence on social media. Consider your company colors and the style of your logo. Now select your main colors and use it consistently in the images that you post.

3. Choose your filters wisely

This one is especially important for your photo posts. Instagram alone offers around 24 filters. Which one do you choose? Well, it doesn’t really matter which filter is selected. It’s entirely up to your own taste. What is important to do, however; pick one or two filters and stick with them for all your posts. This helps to create a smooth and eye-catching view of your photos that people will associate with your brand.

4. Keep power over your logo

Your content is online recognizable mainly due to the smart usage of your logo. What is smart usage? Being consistent and strategic when and where you place it. In your style guide, you have to be very clear how this is done. Define how you want to use your logo on photos and videos by answering these questions:

  • What are the dimensional parameters for the placement of a logo?5 Tips to Brand Your Social Media for Your Health and Wellness Business (and gain more followers in doing so)
  • Are there several versions of your logo available? Which ones should be used in videos and/or photos?
  • What size should the logo have when it’s placed in photos and videos?
  • How close to the edges of the photo or video should the logo be?

5. Be fond of your fonts

Fonts have a major role in brand recognition. It’s important to use the same font throughout different social media channels. Of course, you can’t select which font is used on Facebook or Instagram itself, but you can choose which font you use on your photos and videos. Once you have your font selected, make sure you are very clear in your style guide how it should be applied. Which size should it have, how big are headings and which colors are used are just a few of the important parameters that should be considered.

Branding your social media posts: easy and fun

Once you have set-up your social media style guide, it’s a matter of implementing it. This part is actually not so hard. You have defined all the tough decisions beforehand after al

10 Fitness Blog Post Topics to Engage Your Readers

10 Fitness Blog Post Topics to Engage Your Readers

As a fitness professional, you have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with the world. Blogging is the perfect way to do this. And by writing a fitness blog, you are also actively promoting your fitness brand. To help you get started we have made a list of ten fitness blog post topics. Time to write! 10 Fitness Blog Post Topics to Engage Your Readers

1. Supplements, do you need them or not?

Lots of people are interested in supplements but have no clue where to start. There is so much information on this topic available online that it can be overwhelming. Give your advice and be very clear about it. It will definitely be appreciated by your readers.

2. What do you do when you lack motivation for working out?

This is one of those typical issues everybody who goes to a gym struggles with now and then. You can make an entire series of blog posts on this topic and give small bits of advice in each post. Try to be original though, because there are a lot of answers to these questions available and you want yours to stand out.

3. Share a personal story

The goal of your blog is to engage your readers and telling personal stories is a great method to connect. Tell your readers about your ideas on fitness, share your approach to training, or write down the story about your first steps in the industry.

4. Go in-depth on functional training

It can never harm to follow the hype now and then. Functional training has existed for years, but somehow it has become quite a buzz these days. No problem, you can give your two cents on this topic as well.

5. Workout tips for when you are traveling

Blogs with pieces of advice are popular. You can choose all sorts of situations which diverge from ‘normal’ life and give it a spin. Why not “fitness for new parents” or “workout ideas for after your break-up” or “working out when you are traveling?” Your goal is to trigger people and let them know that you are there for them with your knowledge.

6. Your most embarrassing gym moments10 Fitness Blog Post Topics to Engage Your Readers

This blog doesn’t even have to be about yourself. You can even gather some of these moments among your followers. Everybody loves to read about other people making a fool out of themselves. Especially since most of us feel quite vulnerable in the gym. These kinds of blogs are meant for laughing, but it’s important you always conclude on a motivational tone.

7. Bad food and why it tastes so good

Nutrition should be a part of your blogs as well. Give your best advice, or even invite a guest blogger to write a well-researched article with concise and easy to implement nutritional advice.

8. The exercise that’s a challenge for you.

People tend to view fitness professionals as if they have it all together. But it is actually refreshing to show that you are also a human who struggles to perform some exercises.

9. Easy workouts for in the house

As we mentioned before; advice blogs work really well. Especially when they tackle a very practical and everyday challenge most people face in their lives. Like finding a place and a time to do a workout.

10. Muscle building mistakes most people make

Combining a popular topic (‘muscle building’) with ‘mistakes’ or ‘problems’ will immediately draw the attention of your readers. Make sure the information you provide is accurate and easy to understand!

With these 10 ideas, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get started on your fitness blog. Good luck!

The Benefits of Content Marketing with a Fitness Blog

The Benefits of Content Marketing with a Fitness Blog

Content Writing Marketing For a Fitness

Digital marketing; attracting new customers and leads to your website, is a very important discipline in today’s competitive market. Writing a blog for your business is a way of executing content marketing, which is one of many digital marketing methods. Many entrepreneurs resolve to Adwords campaigns. These Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing methods can be very effective but are also very costly. Whereas great content is a one-time investment of which you can reap the benefits for many years!

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of writing a fitness blog as part of your content marketing strategy.The Benefits of Content Marketing with a Fitness Blog

The core of content marketing: online visibility

When people search for information on the internet they use search engines like Google. Optimizing your content and web pages in a way that search engines will rank the page high is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By writing fitness blogs, you post content on your webpage that is relevant to your niche. Therefore, you increase the possibility to have your pages ranked higher in the search result pages (SERP) when people search for fitness related words. This increases your online visibility.

Content creates lead generation

Another great advantage of content marketing, such as blog writing, is that it’s an effective lead magnet. When visitors read your blog, it means they are interested in the topic. If you include an attractive call-to-action to your blog page, you create a way to engage these readers and let them connect with you. Let them subscribe to your newsletter for instance. Or provide a free e-book with great fitness tips for beginners.  You can then use the contact details to reach out to your leads with targeted information and promotions.

The Benefits of Content Marketing with a Fitness BlogEngage your leads and customers with blogs

Offering value helps you to build relationships with potential and current customers. Creating killer content in the form of blogs plays an important role in this process. By posting frequently interesting and relevant content you show the world that you have something meaningful to say and that you know what you are talking about! You claim to be a fitness expert? Practice what you preach, by sharing your knowledge and advice in great blog posts!

The ultimate goal: conversion

It will take some time before content marketing will show measurable results, so you have to be patient. However, by implementing the right content strategy, you will see results in your conversion rates over time. This might not happen in the first weeks of posting blogs, but in the longer term blog posts will lead to more and relevant traffic to your website. And the more organic traffic you get, the higher the chance of conversion. After all, people who reach your blog via an organic search query have found something they were actively looking for.

The benefits of a fitness blog

Writing blogs is mainly interesting because the investment is way more durable than more traditional marketing efforts like ads or PPC campaigns. Next to that, content stays online forever (or at least as long as you pay your hosting fees) and will keep its value as long as it is attractive, findable and relevant.

So sit down, write a killer blog about your fitness knowledge and start sharing it with the world. You might get some great new clients out of it!

Create Lasting Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can be summarised as a number of healthy habits which are incorporated into your daily life. The trick is to consciously integrate as many healthy habits in your current lifestyle as possible. Often these are just small changes, which will, in the end, make a big difference in your overall health. In this article, we share 8 small adjustments which will help you to create lasting habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Some of these adjustments are very obvious, however often people forget about them or just can’t be bothered to implement them. With just a little bit of extra effort, you will be able to get that healthy lifestyle that you have desired for so long!

How to start?

Integrate every week one of the below adjustments. A week is exactly the right amount of time to get used to a small change. The best news? After two months you have implemented a whole set of lasting habits which will improve your overall health.

8 lasting habits for a healthy lifestyle

  1. Eat 1 banana every day. Bananas are very beneficial for your gut health. Next to that, they contain the mineral potassium which can help you when you suffer from high blood pressure. Research shows that a Create Lasting Habits for a Healthy Lifestylediet containing sufficient potassium is important to prevent heart and vascular diseases.
  2. Do you spend a lot of time in a car? Lots of people suffer from back pain when they drive often. A good trick to prevent this is to aim your rearview mirror a little bit too high. You will have to move your back up when you look in the mirror. This stretches your back slightly and helps reducing or even preventing back pain! Of course, keep it safe and make sure your mirror is not aimed too high for you to be able to look in it at all.
  3. Reduce your caffeine intake. One to two cups of coffee per day is considered OK. It’s even better to replace coffee with green tea which is full of antioxidants.
  4. Feeling stressed and tired? Time to hit the gym more often. When you exercise a whole cocktail of hormones is released in your body. These help you with feeling happier and less stressed.Create Lasting Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle
  5. The benefits of a good night sleep are numerous. Eat some cherries before you go to sleep. Cherries contain substances which make it easier to relax and fall asleep. Turning off any screens at least one hour before bedtime also improves the quality of your sleep.
  6. Increase the strength of your abs. Stronger abdominal muscles greatly support your back muscles, reducing the risk of back pain. 25 crunches every morning is not hard to do and will take you max 1 minute.
  7. Some people love it, some people hate it. But the health benefits of regularly eating oily fish can’t be denied. Your body needs the unsaturated fats to function well. Try to eat oily fish at least two times per week.  If preferred you can add a daily Omega-3 supplement.
  8. Always eat a healthy and well-balanced breakfast. When you eat well in the morning you will feel fit the rest of the day. By eating breakfast you also remove the urge to start snacking halfway during the morning. Win-win!

Get going!

As you can see all these tips are not difficult or take a lot of time to implement. All you need is the dedication and a bit of discipline. But then they will make a big difference for your overall health!

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